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               About All of Us~ I am Here  ~ You R Here ~ Present

Born in August 2007 Crystals4Everyday Living come into Being out of Chaos, Anger, Resentment  and wanting to Inner Stand How Life Works on Planet Earth and the rest of the  Multi ~ Verses ~While being of service at EAST WEST BOOKS, YOGA & CAFE  78 Fifth Ave. in NYC  in Crystal Minerals/ Aroma Therapy Dept. A Lady by the Name of Grace who Ran the Yoga Studio @ the World Renowned EAST WEST BOOKS Store 78 Fifth Ave, in NY City approached me to teach about Crystal Energy,because they had a cancellation  and  needed that space to be filled.At the time I was still under the spell of ,Well, not feeling worthy, anger, resentment and I said to myself me!!!! "What can I teach about!!!! So with fear in tow I did teach that was on August 21,2007 just 5 months after a major shift in my personal life Crystals4 Everyday Living came to Life ,the website came in 2010. I am learning Always that Life is a constant movement. You may wonder How did the class Go? Well I was so was I nervous and 7 seekers who signed up and from there lips to my ears they were HAPPY~  I was and still have butterflies and tears when I speak about my onward journey  (Smile). 


From 2007 I felt the need for additional educational training in Crystal Therapy Reiki , Magnified Healing, Medical Intuition and Holistic Health, to Bridge and  all of the layers of the Human Experience, Spiritual and Physical, to myself first then to spark those who have a desire seeking more.  So I bring to you my Experience , Intuition and Love of Nature for the Gifts From the Earth, Crystals ,Essential Oils , Sounds , Words that Inspire, Energy Tools,Mantras  that may  offer a opportunity for bringing both Right & Left Brain into balance For Everyday Living on Planet Earth which we are All living, and I LOVE.


Namaste and All Good Words that Bring Healing to the self then to the Universe, Like a Ripple in a pond when a stone Dances along .