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Quotes Peace & Bliss Divine Sistar Kufunya! It was high vibrations meeting you at the event earlier this week. And oh yes, the Botswana Agate & Amber has immediately infiltrated my aura with its intended energy as my already positive vibes have increased each day of the week thus far. plus i love the way the bracelet looks on my wrist. Will be seeing you soon for another. Irie! Quotes
Young Cliff

Quotes Dear Kufunya, Greetings! We spoke a few weeks ago about how your beautiful necklace has helped to transform several aspects of my life --- a much needed & better move of my beach house, a new car, prosperity in my biz and more meaningful connections to key relationships in my community. Thank you, I love my beautiful aquamarine & turquoise necklace! Here's my testimonial: I am delighted to own an exquisite Crystals 4 Everyday necklace by Brooklyn jewelry artist, Kufunya. It's unusual composition of a raw aquamarine stone pendant, wrapped in gold accents, dangles at just the right level from gorgeous turquoise & hematite strung beads. This piece exudes peace but has properties that compel action. Since I bought it at Dance Africa, I have moved to a tranquil beach house, bought a new car, increased my business & have had more meaningful connections on a personal & professional level. (The happy owner, Erica) Quotes
Happy Owner & Gemstone Adorement

Quotes Greetings Queen, I wanted to express my appreciation for your wonderful energy you shared with me and my mate two weeks ago @ King Simon's event with Dr Afrika. The tigers eye stone necklace that I purchased (along with 3 other stones in the neclace) is beautiful as well as the malachite & quartz necklace I brought for him. We are loving them and benefiting from their healing/protective properties. I hope to see you again. I wasn't aware of all the workshop/venues you participate in and can't wait to attend to them. It was a pleasure meeting you. Love & Peace, Naari Maat'ah El (aka Sandra) Quotes
Naari Maat'ah El

Quotes I like to express that I am believing in my self more and more. I look within myself. If an Idea comes to mind I know that it can be achieved by the mere fact that it either came as a Dream, Vision, Idea or an inspiration. So Follow your Dreams They came to you from your SOUL. Namaste Kufunya Quotes
Believing In your Self

Quotes Wednesday 12/12/12, I had an amazing experience at Sister Kufunya's temple with her and the rest of the gods and goddess. It was a powerful experience. I went in there with a heavy heart and came out feeling energized. I have tears just thinking about it...simply amazing!! Quotes
Healing Circle 12/12/12