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2017, FEB 17, Kick Off Fun Weekend , Health & Wellness, Spa , Crystal Cave Tour & Meditation


Friday, Feb 17 ,18 & 19 Serious Inquires Only

People all over the World Join In The Love Vibration which Begins With You !!! You could be Muslim, Christian , Orthodox, White , Black , Happy, Catholic, Judaism or Just Be !!!!!!

Lets Get Together and Feel Alright

Friday Feb 17 ,18 & 19 , 2017


Fun Full Weekend Retreat (No Work Monday )

Friday Kick off Workshop & Wellness Party

6 pm to 9pm @ Nicholas Brooklyn

1396 Fulton Street Between New York Ave & Brooklyn Ave

The Workshop Wellness Party Featuring doterra Essential Oils

Special Guest Speakers , Refreshment, Wellness Vendors

King Spa NJ (Friday 10pm to Sunday 9am )

Crystal Spa @ KING SPA NJ Featuring Pampering Your Inner self

Crystal Cave Tour & Meditation ( Sunday 10am to 8 pm )

Crystal Cave Tour & Meditation Upstate NY

( Reconnection to Earth Mother with Sound Meditation)

This Event is For You If you Want Too!!!!!

A )Reboot , Re Activate your inner Geometry Of Divinity - In Making Expanded Choices More Then Ever !!

B) Improving Your Health or Maintaining With Natural Solutions with your Family and Love Ones with Side Benefits

C) Learn about doterra oils and Earning Extra income & other great Opportunities and being apart of Transforming Lives World Wide by sharing doterra Oils.

D ) Preparing live Food doterra Essential Oils !!!!

E) Full SPA Experience Friday Evening to Sunday Am

F) Crystal Cave & Tour Meditation

The package includes :Round Trip Transportation , Entrance to Workshop Party, Overnight All-day/Evening Spa Experience

(1 Selected Spa Treatment) Food @ Spa $20 per,day ,

UpState Crystal Cave Tour and Meditation.

Inbox or call for Package Price and Selected Spa Treatments -

347-972-0901 or or Click  on Products for Event Details

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