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doterra Essential Oils "Please call For Pricing"


Please Call for Pricing 347-972 -0901

First group of 15ml  bottles of ( 5 ) oils are about $180.00 Note: the price will be ajusted when you call 

The Diffuser with 10 oils  15ml Bottles $366.57 Retail ~ if Interested in Wholesale please call 

All Essential Oils are not the same Just Like Cars have various makes and models 

I liken doterra Essential Oils to Merceds Benz , Rolls Royce ,Lamborghini's & BMWs, Why ,  Because these cars are High Performance vehicles, and our Carbon Organic Bodies are High performace also  and the best products should fuel the body in the same way you place the best Gas , Engine Oil, Breaks to maintain. 

doterra EO are very High Beyond Organic.

You can experience these oils and they are backed with a money back guarantee. However when you experience opening a bottle you will never feel the same. 

For me I use doterra  Lemon , Lavender oils in my  laundry , my food & water  , on and in  body , and Diffuse ~ So take a chance on doterra ~ it does the whole body Great 

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