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Join The Crystal Road Trip  Sunday Sept 27 8AM to 8PM
Crystal Road Trip & Meditation Day Trip to Franklyn NJ
A Day Filled With Adventure, Fun, Education, Healing , and Lots Of Crystals

Activities Include:

1 ) The Power of Water /The Liquid Crystal ( Great Falls Tour )
Presented By Brother Ramnhru RN / Energy Healer

2) Out Door Nature Crystal Workshop:
Featuring Ras Ben Author, Healer & Teacher.
Subject Why Crystals Matter &The Energy of Franklinite Ore & More

3) Grounding Within Mother Earth Underground Mine Tour & Meditation, Trotter Tunnel Tour

4) Gem Show Indoor & Out Door ~ Sterling Hill Crystal Garage Sale ~

Energy Exchange : 160.00 
Which Includes Round Trip Transportation ~ Entrance to Mine/ Tunnel Tour, Gem-show , Workshop Presentation

Deposit Required $100.00 Deposit to Secure Sit & Event / $60.00Balance due: Day of Trip

Please Call For Family & Group Rates
Contact: 347 972 0901 Or
Aum Namaste & May All Beings Be Happy